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The Many Benefits of Installing Impact Resistant Windows

July 24, 2018

If you’ve lived on the East Coast for much time at all, then you know how brutal winter storms can be. Falling tree limbs, strong winds, ice and snow make for the ultimate torture test for your home—especially your windows. Windows are essentially the weakest part of our home’s exterior. Glass, when met with a strong enough opposing force, will break, potentially creating an additional danger to you and your family. But there is something your can do: install storm windows, also called impact resistant windows. Storm windows are specially designed to withstand the brutality of Mother Nature.

If you are considering impact resistant windows, but want more information, read on! The following are some of the benefits of installing storm windows in Peabody, MA:

  • Weathering any storm: A good storm window is meant to survive the brutal conditions posed by a strong hurricane. This includes impact from debris, falling branches and other unexpected things. This resilience makes them ideal for the East Coast’s seasonal mood swings. The heavy duty glass and laminated center make storm windows extra strong without compromising any of the features you love.
  • After and beyond the storm: Because storm windows are specifically developed to withstand the impacts of severe winter storms, they are also ideal for mishaps that can happen around a busy family home. From stray baseballs from your yard’s home plate to rocks kicked up by the weed eater, your windows are protected from daily life. After panicking the first few times something hits them, you’ll relax knowing your windows are as protected as could be.
  • Insurance discounts: In addition to being a costly pain to replace when they break, normal windows can also cause a dangerous situation. Broken glass can easily injure you and your family or pets. Some insurance companies will lower your annual premium if you install safer and more resilient storm windows. Ask your insurance company whether these upgrades can help save you money on your premium.
  • Burglars beware: Like the wayward debris kicked up by big storms, burglars too will have no easier of a time getting through your storm windows. As mentioned earlier, the heavy duty glass and protective lamination makes them a hard target for anything trying to get through, be it a crowbar or a swinging tree branch. While the glass might break, the laminated layer will hold it together and maintain the barrier between your valuables and the would-be burglar.
  • Less noise: As if a safe home wasn’t enough, storm windows also dampen the noise from the outside world. If your home is located on a busy street, next to a freeway or near a school or shopping center, storm windows could be just the solution to your noise woes. The extra thick glass and protective laminated layer make them a significant barrier for keeping out unwanted noise.

For more information about the benefits of installing storm windows in Peabody, MA, don’t hesitate to contact the team at C & D Replacement Window Co. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions and can set you up with a free consultation. Call us today!

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