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Top Four Advantages of Exterior Door Replacement in Peabody, MA

August 7, 2018

The whole purpose of our homes is to keep the outside just where it is, while keeping the inside perfectly comfortable. We spend thousands of dollars on new furnaces, air conditioners, insulation and storm windows, but we always seem to forget about the exterior doors to our homes. Our doors can not only say a lot about the family living behind them, but they also play a major part in regulating temperature and home security.

Whether you have an exterior door that’s beginning to look a bit worse for wear or one that is starting to weather extensively, consider replacing it now to prevent serious problems later. Here are the top four reasons you should consider exterior door replacement in Peabody, MA today:

  • Home security: Doors are the way in and the way out of our homes, and that can mean that unwanted visitors will also try to use them. Burglars are always pleased to see a door that is easy to jimmy open or a window that can be easily broken, but why give them the satisfaction? A new, sturdier door will take away an easy access point and provide your family a more safe and secure home.
  • First impression aesthetics: Your home is a reflection of who you are, like the clothes you wear or the hobbies you keep, so why have an unattractive front door? Think of it like getting ready for work in the morning and dressing up but not combing your hair. The rest of you might be looking great, but your head needs some help! It is the same with an old or unattractive exterior front door.
  • Energy efficiency: Like your windows, your exterior doors can let in drafts and make heating and cooling systems less efficient. In the hot summer months, this means less cool air for your family and a higher energy bill. Old doors and old doorframes can settle and leave gaps that act as a superhighway for your hot or cold air. Stopping this leaky behavior will go a long way to improve the overall comfort of your home. An energy expert will be able to tell you whether your doors and windows are costing you big time.
  • Durability and longer lifespan: Modern materials mean a longer lifespan for things like residential doors and windows. The old single-pane aluminum windows of the 1970s were not only dangerous—they also did not do much in the way of looks or energy efficiency. Newer doors and windows not only last decades under intense seasonal conditions, but they’re meant to seal comfort inside your home. With some good hardware, your replacement door may just outlast many other parts of your home!

A complete replacement may be the best option for doors that are damaged, old or do not match the rest of your home. Luckily, the professional team at C & D Replacement Window Co. can help. Contact us today for more information about exterior door replacement in Peabody, MA!

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